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Samples of Keepsake Family Memories

This video was made from hours of video clips and hundreds of still photos shot throughout the lifetime of the two chchildren. It even includes their births and baptisms. It was a Mother's Day gift, and is 50 minutes long. This is a multi-generational pictorial video. The client organized his siblings families along with photos of his mother and father back to their childhood. It was a 60th anniversary gift. It's 16 minutes long.

Hurry, capture your Keepsake Memories in time for a wedding, Easter, Mother's Day, Graduation or Father's Day!

Share these productions on your TV, computer, smart phone or even and electronic picture frame.

Develop a library for each year of your child's life, or each season of a sport, or the grade school years, high school years, or whatever. Great memorial for loved ones or events--just about anything, such as:

  • Graduation
  • Birthday
  • Wedding
  • Funeral
  • Family Gathering
  • Weekend Visit
  • Baptism or other special event
  • Year in sports
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GRADUATION: From Birth to Elder diploma with lots of hoops in-between (40:00)
Happy Father's Day (4:00)

Find Your Wings (3:06)

FAMILY: ' How the Years Go By' (18:00)
Remember this about a stranger's family videos -- you don't know the people. You don't have an emotional connection -- and you're not nudging the person next to you to reminisce about what you're seeing on screen. You may lose patience with how long the images are on screen.

Also: Business promotional multi-media
. . . for your website or intranet

Explain your product/service more clearly, or use in-house for employee training.

Lots of great possibilities!

Email or call to further explore the possibilities.

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